Ground Mounting System

Ground Mounting System

Solar Ground Mounting Brackets System Structure

Solar Ground Mounting Brackets System Structure

UI SOLAR ground ground solar mount usually applicaple to  the open field ,not only for residential project ,but also for the big commerial project.
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  • Installation site:

    Open field
  • Max. wind speed:

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  • Foundation type:

    Ground screw or concrete
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    According to your need
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Solar Ground Mounting Brackets System Structure

Solar ground mount adopts 6005-T5 anodized aluminum and SUS304 stainless steel ,which offer high strength and corrosion resistance. 

It is featured with light weight ,strong and powerful bracket and recyclable a material ,the pre-assemble support rack save your time and cost.The ground structure is in high quality with light weight and strong bracket and recyclable material. And the pre-assemble support rack save your time and cost.

Ground Mount Solar Racking

Installation side 

Open field/Ground

Module Angle

 0~60 degree

Max wind speed

Up to 80m/s

Snow load

Up to 1.4KN/m2


AL6005-T5 &SUS304

Module orientation

landscape ,portrait


Concrete base ,Grounds screw


 AS/NZS S1170 , JISC8955:2017

Mounting Structure Type

Mounting Structure Type

ground mount solar racking systems

1. High Pre-assembled ,save cost and time

Front & rear legs,beam and reinforced pipes are pre-assembles before shipment.

ground mount solar panel racking systems

2. More panel layout arrange, Land utilization has increased

solar mounting racks

3.  Foot base design

A type foot base have more stronger then L type foot base.

4.   Control error

The connector for the beam and pole , there is little space to adjust.

pv ground mount racking

The design of the long hole of the foot base is conducive to the adjustment of construction error.

solar panel mounting brackets

ground screw suppliers

solar ground screw

racking system for solar

solar panel pv system

China solar ground mounting systems company,Solar mounting products supplier - Worldwide Delivery. ISO9001 Certificate. 10 Years Guarantee. Factory free sample. Customized Solution.

Q1: Are you a Factory? 

AYes. We are a factory who is specialized in the producing the solar mounting kits in Xiamen, China. Our goods including solar mounting components, also the whole mounting system, including roof mounting, Ground Mounting, Carport, Solar Farm and also the OEM service. 

Q2: How can we guarantee quality?
A: Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Spot check  will be done for each procedure during our goods preparing.  And before shipment, all will be check again. 
Third Party Inspection is accepted. 

Q3: Can I get sample before we place the order ?

AYes. Samples can be avaible anytime if you need. 

Q4How can I get a quotation? 
A1. If for the regular components, just show us the item No. and quantity, we will quote you immediately.
    2. If for the OEM componnets, show us the technical drawing or the sample, we will show you  our drawing and then quote you after got your confirmation to the drawing. 

  3. If for the whole mounting solution,  to make sure can provide the most appropriate quotation, some more information about the project will be needed:

1) Solar panel qty. and dimension (LxWxT) of the panel 

2) Panel/ structure tilt angles 
3) Max wind load and snow load 
4) Panel layout plan or the roof/ground size (Lx W)
5) Others it may need according to different solution

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Pile Ground Mounting

Steel Pile Ground Mounting

Pile Ground Mounting is one of strong structure of UISOLAR. Steel post can easily dig into the earth around 1.4 meter by machine. The Single Ground mounting have highly corrosion resistant as the hot-dip galvanizing average layer thickness is more than 80μm.

Ground Mounting of solar steel

ST6 Solar steel Ground Mounting

ST6 Solar steel Ground Mounting is usually applicable to the open filed and ground. It has good strength and can be easy to install for solar panel mounting.

triangle type solar panel bracket

Fixed Triangle Solar Brackets

The fixed triangle solar brackets can be pre-assemble and easy installed.  It can be strong with triangle shape. It is wide use and can be installed on concrete roof and tin roof.

Clamps for Solar Installation

Hot sales solar clamps

UISOLAR solar clamps are made of Aluminum 6005-T5 and can be suitable for the solar panel with the thickness 25~50mm. It can be equipped with different nuts and applicated with different length of bolt to meet different requirement. The color can be both Silver and Black. Grounding pins can be added to the clamps to make it grounding purchase.

Drill-Free Corner Bracket supplier

Drill-Free Corner Bracket

UISOLAR ABS solar mounting corner bracket is an ideal solution for cable entry through roofs in solar projects. It allows an easy way for cable enter into any roofs under ABS plastic corner. It can be waterproof ,too With its single or dual cable entry, this corner bracket easily passes through solar cables for a smooth installation on any roof surface. In this way, it has wide application in RV,vehicles, caravans, boats, vessel, outbuildings etc.

solar fencing system

Solar Half Circle Fence

To ensure  safety, solar project with fence more durable and safer. To prevent accidents, the fence can prevent children entering to causing accidents.

Ground Mounting of solar steel

ST6 Solar steel Ground Mounting

ST6 Solar steel Ground Mounting is usually applicable to the open filed and ground. It has good strength and can be easy to install for solar panel mounting.

Solar panel flat metal roof mount with clamps

Stand Seam Clamps Solar Tin Roof Mounting System

The system used for metal roof, using clamp hook to fix the solar panel. Different types screw would be used basing on the beam material and structure.

adjustable solar roof hook

Adjustable tile roof mounting

Advantage : 1. Universal used  for most type of panels 2. Sandbalasted surface make it RUST-RESISTANT 3. Highly pre-assembled make it easier for the installation and save much labor cost

solar cable manufacturers

Cables and cable connector

Solar cables are designed  to connect solar panels for the solar systems. They are dedicated to the pv system direct current(D.C)side .  Cables can be used for both indoor and outdoor  with high mechanical strength in extreme weather conditions.  Cable connectore are used to connect solar panels.  The color can be Black and Red. 

Balcony Mounting Bracket

Balcony Mounting Structure

1. Highly pre-assembing make the installation to be easy and quick 2. Al 6005T5 and SUS304 fastener  bols are used to get a better anti rusted. 3. Can be flexible for any thickness of panels, no need to change diffent panel clamp.

Farmlands racking system

Photovoltaic farmland mounting bracket

farmland  mounting system  not only generate the energy but also protect plants from the extreme weather and gather the heat for fast growing.

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