Solar farm

Solar farm

Photovoltaic farmland mounting bracket

Photovoltaic farmland mounting bracket

farmland  mounting system  not only generate the energy but also protect plants from the extreme weather and gather the heat for fast growing.
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    Solar farm
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Photovoltaic farmland mounting bracket

Solar Racking

Installation side :

Open field/Ground

Module Angle:

 0~60 degree

Max wind speed:

Up to 80m/s

Snow load:

Up to 1.4KN/m2

Material :

AL6005-T5 &SUS304

Module orientation:

Lanscape ,portrait


Concrete base ,Grounds screw

Standard :

 AS/NZS S1170 , JISC8955:2017

Mounting Structure Type

solar panel railing systems

solar ground mounting systems

1.Multiple choice

pv ground mounting systems

racking system for solar

2. Max 6.5*5m  length , Easy access for large machinery.
Suitable for crop Transmission adjustment design.
Solar Racking Manufacturers

3. Sloping ground available

The solar farm structure can not only for flat ground, also for inclined mountain ground, which can make full utilization of ground.

solar racking kits

solar panels on farmland

solar panel rails

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popular solar racking of triangle brackets

Adjustable Triangle Solar Brackets

The Adjustable triangle solar brackets is more versatile than traditional ballast mount on flat roof installation for solar panel brackets. It can be installed penetrate into concrete roof and tin roof.  It can be changed the title angle according to the needs of projects. Fold design allows for easy transportation, cost-effective warehousing and easy mounting.

solar fencing system

Solar Half Circle Fence

To ensure  safety, solar project with fence more durable and safer. To prevent accidents, the fence can prevent children entering to causing accidents.

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Solar Ground Mounting Brackets System Structure

UI SOLAR ground ground solar mount usually applicaple to  the open field ,not only for residential project ,but also for the big commerial project.

Bolt hanger

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Hanger bolt is used for Tin roof with wooden purlin. It included three flange nut and one EPDM rubber.

Glass modules clamp

Thin film module clamp

Thin film clamp is used for fixing  thin film modules, glass modules.It incudes EPDM rubber to protect the glass. The EPDM has got UL certification. UISOLAR thin film clamps have got First solar, JA Solar, Canadian Solar certification.

Solar panel flat metal roof mount with clamps

Stand Seam Clamps Solar Tin Roof Mounting System

The system used for metal roof, using clamp hook to fix the solar panel. Different types screw would be used basing on the beam material and structure.

Aluminum Ballast mounting

Adjustable Aluminum Ballasted Structure

New Adjustable ballast mounting is suitable for flat Concrete roof . Aluminum structure can adjust easily as per the request. No penetration to the roof, all the solar panel will connect as a whole part and increase the strength. Adjustable bracket range is 10-35 deg.

Solar panel poles carport mounting structure

Four Poles Solar Carport Mounting System

The four poles carport is easy installed and save space which can be used for commerical and residential installation.

Pile Ground Mounting

Steel Pile Ground Mounting

Pile Ground Mounting is one of strong structure of UISOLAR. Steel post can easily dig into the earth around 1.4 meter by machine. The Single Ground mounting have highly corrosion resistant as the hot-dip galvanizing average layer thickness is more than 80μm.

New solar panel metal roof mount

Innovative Solar Tin Rooftop Mounting Solution

The new type roof mounting system can fit well on standing seam metal roof sheet and is a very economical solution.

Solar panel roof mount system

Pitched Tin Roof Mount for Solar Panel Rooftop

The solar roof mounting solution used for pitched metal roof, using rail and L shape feet to fix the panel. Different types screw would be used basing on the beam material and structure.

Ground bolt

Galvanizing Ground screw

The Ground Bolt can also accept customized as request. The regular diameter is 76mm, and the Ground Plate diameter can be 200mm and 220mm. The length can be 1.2m, 1.6m, 1.8m and 2m. The thickness is 2.5mm, 2.75mm, 3.0mm. Hot dip galvanized average thickness is more than 80μm.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.