The Increasing of Solar Roof Projects

The Increasing of Solar Roof Projects

Oct 10,2022.

Ukraine's solar industry is stagnating because of the war. This has led to the loss of more than 1GW of capacity and halted most PV development in some areas.

Despite the current war, some trade bodies have called for Ukraine's subsequent economic recovery to be led by renewable energy, with a target of 50 per cent of electricity generation from renewables by 2030.

Artem Semenyshyn, CEO of the Ukrainian Solar Energy Association (ASEU), said: "As a recovery measure, we aim to build one million solar roofs across Ukraine.

At the same time, Europe's gas supply crisis has morphed into a broader energy crisis, triggering price uncertainty and pushing market volatility to August 2022 heights.

In Germany and France, the one-year power purchase agreement price exceeded 1,000 euros per MWh ($987 per MWh) for the first time, while in the Netherlands, the power purchase agreement price exceeded 300 euros per MWh.

And recently , more and more inquirys and orders for solar roof mounting( including tile roof hooks, rails, clamps , steel rooof hooks ect) also show the increase of the solar roof projects.

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