Solar mount orders

Solar mount orders

Replacing Your Roof with Solar Panels: What Are Your Options?

Replacing Your Roof with Solar Panels: What Are Your Options?

May 12,2021

Replacing Your Roof with Solar Panels: What Are Your Options?

Thinking about replacing your roof with solar panels?

These are the important things to consider along the way.
Have you finally decided to switch to solar with your home? Not only are solar panels environmentally friendly, but you can also?save on your electricity bill.

There are a few things that you need to take into consideration before you go on to replace your roof with solar panels.
Assess the condition of your roof, look into the different solar options, and don’t forget to do a proper cost analysis beforehand.

The Condition of Your Roof

Does your roof need to be replaced just because you’re switching to solar? Well, not really. But if you look at it more logically, it’s better to assess the condition of your roof before you make any decisions.

It’ll save you a whole lot of trouble and money.

As long as there is enough sunlight and space, solar panels can be installed on almost any roof. But different roof will need different roof mounting structures. UISOLAR specialized in the solar mounting structure for more than 10years. And our different Roof mounting structures can be applicated for almost all the roof.

1. Pitched tile Roof

As usually , for the pitched tile roof , different type of tile roof hooks will be used to meet the different type of roof tiles. Show as below:

tile roof hooks

2. Pitched steel roof
1) None penetration roof

Usually , for the standing seam roof sheet, no penetrated can be allowed. So usually use clamps to fix to the roof sheet. So different types clamp is needed to meet different roof sheets.

Pitched tin roof mounting

Pitched tin roof mounting
2) Trapezoidal roof sheet

This is the most common roof. It usuaully have two solution, one is  solar hook(L feet) + rails +clamps. And the other will use the mini rail(UI-SS04/UI-SS04-70)  +clamps directly. Different need, the cost will be much different.

Pitched tin roof mounting

3. Flat steel roof

For some roof with little tilt angles, mounting structre will be requested to be with some tilt angles to make help the panels to get the best tilt angles . Our Triangle Mounting , Adjustable Mounting can all meet the need.

Triangle Mounting

4. Concrete Flat roof

UISOLAR aluminum Ballast Mounting is designed for this roof. Aluminum material make the mounting to be light, and nice look. Ballasted weight will be used to aovid the penetration to the roof.

UISOLAR aluminum Ballast MountingUISOLAR aluminum Ballast Mounting

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