Solar mount orders

Solar mount orders

Floating PV

Floating PV

Jul 2,2021

With the wave of green transformation sweeping the world, floating photovoltaics have received increasing attention, and many countries have clearly encouraged the development of floating photovoltaic power plants. It is estimated that in the next 5 years, the total investment amount in the global floating photovoltaic market will increase by more than three times.

Compared with ground-based photovoltaic power plants, floating photovoltaic power plants do not need to occupy land resources and have always been regarded as a clean energy with higher public acceptance.

We-uisolar also has floating pv racking as below.

Our floating PV has below advantage:

Anti-seepage and hydrolysis resistant Strong load capacity and Puncture resistance
Good closeness and water-tightness
Strong anti-fatigue and anti-wind performance
Good tensile and shear properties
Food grade material, eco-friendly material
Non-skid and scratch- resistance surface,non-loosen modular connecting

Long lifetime material up to 25 years longevity requirement

Anti-UV, anti-aging, anti-stress cracking
12 years warranty


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