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Solar mount orders

Can solar panels be installed on flat roofs?

Can solar panels be installed on flat roofs?

Apr 16,2021

Solar panels can be installed on flat roofs.

As we all know, the tilt angle of the panels is important because solar panels will produce a maximum of energy when the sun is directly perpendicular to them. If it is a flat roof, the solar panel needs to be positioned at an appropriate angle through the design of the bracket.

UISOLAR has designed 3-types of mounting brackets that can be applied on flat roof.

1.Aluminum Ballasted Mounting Structure

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This structure is specially designed for flat concrete roof, which will no need to do the penetration to the roof. Because it fixes the entire structure by putting the concrete block on the bottom of the bracket. It can be designed at any tilt angels with the different markets need. Both with or without wind deflector can be ok.

Highly Pre-assembled, Easy and Fast installation make the product to be hot both at home and abroad.
So far, the aluminum ballasted mounting is better to be applicable in horizontal direction.

2.Flat Tin Roof Mounting Structure
This structure is designed to meet the adjustable tilt angles’ need.
The adjustable rear legs has different specifications(10-15,15-30,30-60,20-40 degree) to meet different need.
Flat Tin Roof Mounting Structure
Adjustable tilt angles available make the structure to be more flexible and easier to purchase and get them in stock.

3.Aluminum Triangle Mounting Structure

Aluminum Triangle Mounting Structure
If your area is low wind strength and with limited budget, then we do design the solution without rail, which will be very simple and low cost.
If you are in areas with high wind speed load or need very strong structure, you can consider a triangle mounting structure with rails to enhance strength of the total structure.

No matter what you need,UISOLAR can offer the best solutions suitable for you.Do not hesitate , come on!

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