Battery capacity will be 1.5TWh in Europe in 2030

Battery capacity will be 1.5TWh in Europe in 2030

Jul 27,2022.

According to Solarzoom, With European battery capacity expected to reach 124GWh by 2022, major Asian battery producers will expand their presence in the region and invest in many new European giga factories.

The Fraunhofer ISI Institute predicts that battery production will quadruple in the next three years to more than 500GWh; by 2030, it will reach 1.5TWh.

The latest figures show that Europe is likely to accommodate about a quarter of the world's battery capacity by the end of the century, with battery factories currently announced to cover at least 15 European countries.

Fraunhofer ISI forecasts that by the end of the decade, new battery production plants in Germany will contribute the highest share of Europe's 400GWh battery capacity. Battery-electric drives have become a focus of the global automotive industry as they help reduce massive greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainable power storage solutions are also battery based.

The growing demand for batteries requires the rapid construction of manufacturing plants that can meet the needs of different industries. Fraunhofer ISI researcher Lukas Weymann said: "The rapid development of battery production in Europe is mainly driven by European companies such as Northvolt, Volkswagen (VW) and the Automotive Cells Company (ACC). ."

Northvolt is actively implementing an expansion strategy across Europe. Northvolt is targeting a maximum battery capacity of 40GWh when the company's five factories are completed.

Overall, more than 40 battery makers, including non-European battery makers such as China's CATL and Tesla, have announced plans to build battery plants in Europe. These manufacturers all plan to build factories in Germany. With their Eastern European plants, South Korean battery producers LG Energy Solution and Samsung SDI will also have a very high share of European battery capacity.

ACC has announced the construction of gigafactories in Germany, France and Italy. ACC will gradually build battery factories in these three countries. ACC benefits from the support provided by the European Union's Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI). Automakers Mercedes-Benz, Stellantis and French battery maker Saft are all shareholders in ACC, and they will also share investment in the construction of the battery plant.

India has also witnessed a sharp rise in battery demand as sales of electric vehicles increase.

According to a joint report by NITI Aayog and Rocky Mountain Institute, India's annual battery market could exceed $15 billion (approximately INR 1.12 trillion) by 2030, and battery demand will was pushed up to 260GWh.

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